A Simple Walkthrough

Authenticate Your Apps

Before we get started with building our first workflow, let’s authenticate some applications that you commonly use. Authentication can be achieved under the “Apps” menu, by clicking the ‘Add App’ button and then searching for the app that you would like to use in a workflow. Then simply follow the steps on screen.Do this for every application that you would like to automate tasks on. If you would like to move onto the ‘Your First Workflow in 10 Steps’ walkthrough, please ensure to authenticate a messaging app that you regularly use.

Your First Workflow in 10 Steps

It’s time to make a simple workflow. This workflow will message you every morning with that day’s weather forecast and any breaking news on a specified topic. To create this workflow, click ‘Create a workflow’ on the workflows page to get started!
  1. You will notice that there is a step already on the canvas. This is a manual trigger, which will execute a workflow when you click the big play button. We’ll keep it there for testing purposes.
  2. We want the trigger for this workflow to be a specific time each morning. Let’s say 8.30AM. To do this, click the ‘Add a Step’ button and search for the ‘scheduler’ trigger with the search bar.
  3. Once the scheduler step has appeared on your canvas, click it. Using plain text, type your country in the ‘timezone country’ field and the timing pattern in the ‘when to run’ field.
  4. Next, we’re going to start capturing the data we’d like to be included in our daily message. Let’s start with today’s weather. Search for the ‘weather forecast’ step and once added, click it and config the data as you would like.
  5. Link up the scheduler and weather forecast steps by clicking their input and output terminals.
  6. In parallel, we need to get the breaking news for the past 24 hours in our specified areas of interest. So let’s add a step for that. I think you can work out how to do this yourself..
  7. Now we want to output this as a tidy message in our chosen app. Add a final step for your chosen email provider, Slack, Discord, or whatever app you would like to receive the message in.
  8. When configuring the messaging app, change the message as you would like it to appear.
  9. Finally, make sure all steps are linked up, including the manual link and click the play button to test!
Authenticating Apps