Authenticating Apps

Often, when we work on a task within an app, we have to login as an authorized user. This could be Google workspace, Hubspot, or Slack for example. So, as you might expect, if doFlo is going to do a task on your behalf, doFlo also has to be logged in. We do this through authenticating.There are two different kinds of authentication credential types, OAuth and API keys.


OAuth authentication is the most convenient authentication method. It provides a simple and familiar sign-on flow that allows users to grant doFlo permissions to do tasks for them in a given app.

API keys

Not all apps or third party services support OAuth authentication, this is why it’s also possible to utilize API keys. API keys are obtained from the third party service provider and can usually be retrieved from their account section. A Google search or ChatGPT prompt similar to the suggestion below usually yields a good result on how to find it:‘Where to find my [APP or SERVICE NAME] API key’